Introducing Camelot,Your work made multiplayer.

Whatever you're working on, others are too. Join a raid to do what you have to do, with others around the world.

Raiding — co-op for getting things done.

Join a raid to work alongside others who are doing the same thing you are, in real time.

Accountability from the Gym to the Workplace.

It doesn't matter what it is, if you're working on it, there 's always a community working alongside you.

View your progress, and see others' too.

Every minute spent working is saved to your work log. View your progress, and see others too.

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Proven Science

Rethinking Productivity

Studies show you are ~95% more likely to stick to your goals with accountability partners.

Breakthroughs in Behavioral Science
Research done by the American Society of Training & Development found reliably that human ability to complete a goal spikes to 65% by commiting to another person, and an average of 95% when there are specific accountability checkups.
American Society of Training and Development
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